Wacom Clipboard Transforms Paper Documents into Digital in Real Time

Wacom PHU-11 Digital Clipboard

Wacom (TYO:6727) has introduced a new digital clipboard known as the PHU-111, which is basically a “smartpad” that converts ink and paper input into digital text in real-time saving businesses a lot of time and money that they would have lost when trying to digitize customer information.

How the Wacom PHU-11 Digital Clipboard Works

As part of Wacom’s family of signature solutions, the new clipboard features an integrated barcode reader. It instantaneously identifies official documents, connecting to a PC or mobile device via USB or Bluetooth, and automatically pulls up the corresponding digital documents. As a user fills out the form on the smartpad the same information is automatically converted to a digital version and uploaded directly to a server or the cloud for easy management.

This service is perfect for businesses within the insurance and healthcare space. These businesses need to stick to traditional paper-based forms, but also have the need to archive the information digitally.

Many businesses that rely on paper entries will also love the fact they won’t have to turn over their current system to store their documents digitally. You only need to buy the smartpad you and your customers will use to physically fill out these forms.

To support this workflow, Wacom has also included apps that work with the clipboard — CLB Create and CLB Paper. CLB Create (PC-only) is an authoring tool making it easy to lay out forms for use with the paper and digital versions of the clipboard. Meanwhile CLB Paper is the client application for Android and iOS devices that captures and digitally saves everything written on the smartpad.

Wacom says the smartpad will be ready to ship by end of July, but the company hasn’t said anything about the price.


This article, “Wacom Clipboard Transforms Paper Documents into Digital in Real Time” was first published on Small Business Trends


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