Your Team Doesnt Need to be Full of Superheroes But

Superheroes Business Cartoon

I’m a big superhero fan. Probably more Marvel than DC, but I’m not that picky. If someone has some sort of weird power and wears a mask or cape, I’m there.

So one day I was reading and came across the term ‘team building exercise’ and this cartoon occurred to me. And you’d think that with my love of comics that this would be super fun to draw, right? Wrong.

The thing is I’m a stickler for accuracy, so I had to look up all the characters, decide which version of which costume I was going to use, research the background, and render them in such a way that I could hold my head up high.

Mostly I think I’m OK with this (especially Batman looking grumpy and not wanting to play along), but it’s a good reminder that sometimes drawing something you love isn’t all its cracked up to be.

This article, “Your Team Doesn’t Need to be Full of Superheroes, But …” was first published on Small Business Trends


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