New GoToMeeting Feature Lets Salesforce Users Meet Clients Face to Face

New GoToMeeting for Salesforce Feature Lets Users Meet Clients Face to Face

LogMeIn (NASDAQ:LOGM) has announced what the company calls “a new and improved” GoToMeeting integration with Salesforce (NYSE:CRM), which is basically an integration of two tools that many business professionals and organizations use on a daily basis to manage leads and meet with prospects.

GoToMeeting For Salesforce

In an interview with the Small Business Trends, Senior Product Marketing Manager William Lau said that the integration of GoToMeeting with Salesforce allows sales professionals to quickly and easily move from the CRM platform to GoToMeeting’s web conferencing tool.

“GoToMeeting Pro and Plus users will be able to start, invite and schedule meetings from within Salesforce Opportunity, Contact and Lead,” Lau said.

Users can also share presentations and run demos for prospects or clients through screen sharing and video conferencing.

Additional features that users stand to benefit from include the ability to retrieve the meeting’s history and activity such as duration, start time, end time, attendees etc. all from the customer activity history.

The new feature is available to all business professionals that currently use GoToMeeting and Salesforce to collaborate and drive better business outcomes. However, any Salesforce customer can purchase a new GoToMeeting plan if they don’t have one. The integration is, however, available at no extra charge to GoToMeeting Pro and Plus customers.

Lau is also certain that any business that currently uses Salesforce will find the new integration useful in conducting online meetings. Sales professionals and line of business leaders will particularly find the integration useful.

GoToMeeting and Salesforce integration was launched in 2013 and the two platforms have since then worked on ways to improve that integration and make it more enticing to current and potential customers.


This article, “New GoToMeeting Feature Lets Salesforce Users Meet Clients Face to Face” was first published on Small Business Trends


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