Google Primer App: Quick and Fun Business Lessons

Google Primer App: Quick and Fun Business Lessons

One of the best kept secrets in the Google arsenal of small business tools is an app called Primer. This app provides business lessons in an engaging, quick and fun way.

The app is free as are the lessons. It’s available on Android and iPhone. Once you download the app, you can take any of the business lessons — or all of them.

Each lesson tells you how much time it will take up front. Most lessons I saw were 3 to 5 minutes long.

I worked with Google to create a lesson on small business budgeting. I am a Google Small Business Advisor (a volunteer capacity), and I provided the substantive information that went into the lesson. Google assigned someone to do a half hour interview with me over Google Hangouts to gather my input. Then the Google person assembled my points into the Primer app lesson format. I thought they did a great job putting it together, and it was a very efficient process.

I checked out the app thoroughly before agreeing to volunteer my time on the lesson (trust me, I have plenty of things on my plate!). But I felt it was well worth my time to do, because the app is so unique.

What’s unique about it is the format is so easy to use — and it’s engaging. When you’re taking a lesson, it asks you simple questions and has other features to get you actively involved. You’re not just sitting back and reading.

Since it’s a mobile app, you can take a lesson while sitting in the dentist’s waiting room, or while at the airport before your plane boards.

How’s that for a quick and easy way to learn?

For all you seasoned business owners who want a refresher or you up-and-coming entrepreneurs who want to learn something new, it’s a fast and easy way to educate yourself and develop your business abilities.

Here’s where you can find my Primer lesson on small business budgeting: Primer is not available on desktop. If you click on it from a mobile device you’ll be prompted to download the app immediately. Otherwise, you’ll be asked to click from your mobile device.

Follow along on Twitter @YourPrimer to be notified of new lessons.

Image: Google Primer

This article, “Google Primer App: Quick and Fun Business Lessons” was first published on Small Business Trends


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