ChargeItSpot Shows How to Build a Business Around a Simple Problem

ChargeItSpot Public Phone Charging Stations Solve One Simple Problem

If you’ve ever had your mobile phone run out of battery while you’re out and about, you know what a huge annoyance that can be. It’s a pretty common problem for mobile consumers. But now, there’s a business that’s looking to solve that problem.

Public Phone Charging Stations

ChargeItSpot is a phone charging station that retail stores and other businesses can set up at their locations. When customers visit and need to charge their devices, they can simply enter some security settings and then charge their devices while they shop.

This solution solves the battery issue for consumers. But it also allows businesses to add value for their customers, increasing the likelihood that they’ll make purchases and have a positive experience. It’s a win for both sides.

This business model can also serve as a great example for other entrepreneurs. ChargeItSpot focuses on solving one simple problem. It might seem small to some. But it is something that affects a fair number of people.

So the next time you’re coming up with an idea for your small business, think about how you can provide a solution like this — something really simple that solves a common problem. You might just be able to come up with something that’s a win for all involved.


This article, “ChargeItSpot Shows How to Build a Business Around a Simple Problem” was first published on Small Business Trends


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