Setting Up Your Office: Why You Should Consider These Two 21st Century Strategies

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Setting Up Your Office: Why You Should Consider These Two 21st Century Strategies

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you remember your first office? I do. I remember setting up my first office because it was a rite of passage — it signified that my business was “real.”

That’s not uncommon. Valerie, a friend of mine, recently told me a story about her first office chair when she left the corporate world — and how she learned an expensive lesson. In the corporate environment she used an ergonomic chair which she loved. She couldn’t afford to buy that chair when she was first starting out in her startup, so she bought the cheapest chair she could find at the local office supply store.

She soon regretted it. The cheap chair she bought caused back problems. Less than a year later she was out shopping again for a better chair.

Too bad she didn’t think about the alternative of renting furniture for herself and the rest of her crew. She could have had a better solution from the start — one that was affordable and flexible.

Like many things today including cloud software and hardware, you don’t have to actually buy furniture. You can rent furniture instead. Furniture rental has been around for years, but it’s never been as easy and flexible as it is today.

Here are two strategies for setting up your office, including furniture, in the easiest, most flexible and most affordable way today:

  1. Furniture Rental, Setup and Installation

CORT Workplace Solutions is a company that specifically offers furniture rental for startups. On the CORT website they even liken renting furniture to “furniture in the cloud” because CORT will get furniture to you fast (as little as 48 hours). What’s different about CORT versus other furniture sources is they can deliver and install it, and even help relocate or furnish offices across the nation. If you’re bringing on summer interns or have some other temporary need they can help you ramp up (and down) for that.

And just like cloud software, you can spread out the cost of furniture rental into monthly payments, instead of a large up-front expense — and conserve your cash.

2. Use a Co-working Space

Even easier and more affordable when it’s just yourself or a couple people, is a co-working space. When you use a co-working space it’s like totally “outsourcing” everything related to your office.

Co-working spaces are about as easy peasy as it gets. All you need to do is show up and get started working. Typically you get the use of conference space, Internet connection, furniture — everything is ready to go. The cost is low to get started. And you can even have networking opportunities with others.

Share Your Experience — at a Twitter Chat

To talk about strategies of setting up your offices fast without spending all your limited startup funds on your offices, CORT will be hosting a Twitter chat during National Small Business Week. Be sure to mark your calendars to participate.

Share your own experiences using co-working spaces. How has it worked out for you? What did you like? What should entrepreneurs look for in a co-working space?

You can also ask questions to learn about co-working spaces and how to find and leverage them.

And of course for some, furniture rental may be a good alternative. With CORT participating on the chat, it’s an opportunity for you to learn about strategies to get modern nice-looking furniture that you might not be able to afford unless you rented it.

Here are the Twitter Chat details:

What: A text chat on Twitter.

When: Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 1:00 pm Central time

Where: or using your Twitter mobile app.

How: Search on the hashtag #WorkspacesChat to find who’s chatting. And to participate in the chat, tag your own tweets with #WorkspacesChat

Who: Hosted by CORT (@CORTFurniture), along with YOU.

Mark your calendar now so you don’t forget!

Image: CORT Workplace Solutions

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