Loom Offers Simple Video Creation Alternative to Viewedit

Loom Video Recorder is Alternative to Viewedit

Is your business using video? If so, you’ll be glad to meet Loom, a cloud-based screen recorder and video manager. If you’re not using video, maybe this post will convince you of the many benefits.

The power of video can be applied to a variety of business use cases from external marketing materials to internal training manuals. Businesses are able to save time, effort and money by creating bite-sized videos as opposed to another email or paper trail.

Introducing Loom Video Recorder

This entire process is made easier with Loom. The platform brings a welcomed simplicity to the screen recording space, by allowing you to instantly record, edit and share your video.

The one-click install will place a gray-shaded Loom logo on your toolbar. Clicking on this logo, which turns it into the application’s signature salmon color — lets you know it’s active.

Loom Video Recorder is Alternative to Viewedit

A group of recording settings will appear, letting you choose the specifications of your video.

The Capture option gives you the ability to record your entire desktop, just the current tab or only through your camera.

Loom Video Recorder is Alternative to Viewedit

After you’re done recording, simply click the check mark. From there, Loom opens a new tab populated with your video and its dedicated URL for sharing.

Loom’s versatility shines on this page. The video is presented in a chat-stream format that places all of its surrounding communications in one place.

Loom Video Recorder is Alternative to Viewedit

This page becomes the central location for all things relevant to the video. Populate recipients, monitor their interactions and add any supplementary information or comments.

Loom’s communication platform offers a more robust alternative to ViewedIt, a similar tool, while maintaining its no-cost approach. The five-minute time limit on your videos can be lifted by referring a few people to Loom, unlocking your unlimited free storage.

This quick video summarizes the entire process of creating, narrating and sharing your videos with Loom:

Although Loom uses Gmail to get into your inbox, it has the power to make the standard email obsolete, at least in terms of content heavy messages. In the time that it would take your team members to type a how-to article or describe a campaign — they could create and send an engaging video.

Your partners and clients are sure to appreciate a quick video over the standard and often boring text-based email. As Loom continues to evolve, expect more features — making this ingenious app even more exciting.

Images: Loom

This article, “Loom Offers Simple Video Creation Alternative to Viewedit” was first published on Small Business Trends


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