Meet Jicco A Search Engine Just for Retailers

Jicco -- A Competitive Retail Data Search Engine

Meet Jicco, a new on-demand retail search engine that’s designed to provide businesses with “instant answers to pressing retail questions.”

The parent company, Field Agent, has been on a mission since 2010 to “change the way the world collects business information and insights,” and the company believes it has achieved that with Jicco.

On-Demand Competitive Retail Data

The company claims that the retail search engine will allow retailers, brands and agencies to obtain real-time answers about store-level promotions, pricing, on-shelf availability, competitive activity and shopper sentiment.

“Small business retailers consistently face the issue of spending against competitive intelligence,” said CEO and co-founder of Field Agent, Rick West. “With Jicco, they now can ask competitive retail questions regarding pricing, assortment, etc. and within minutes receive the answer without leaving their office. Jicco disrupts the slow, expensive legacy approaches involved with gathering this type of information.”

To use this service, simply visit the Jicco website, type in a basic question about in-store conditions, and, within minutes, watch as photos, information and shopper feedback begin streaming in from stores across the country.

The service is currently in beta, but you can still access custom-priced trial packages if you are interested in trying out the search tool. Visit to join the waiting list. Subscription pricing will be released on April 17.

Image: Jicco

This article, “Meet Jicco, A Search Engine Just for Retailers” was first published on Small Business Trends


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