Will This Robot Be Providing Salads for Your Employees?

Meet the Salad Making Robot Named Sally

Your next salad could be made by a robot. And it’s not just a generic, pre-packaged salad either. The startup behind this new technology has actually found a way to make truly customizable salads through automation.

Meet the Salad Making Robot Named Sally

Sally is a salad-making robot from Chowbotics. It can automatically dispense 20 different salad ingredients and toppings, meaning it can make hundreds of different salad recipes customized to each person’s individual taste.

Chowbotics does provide a selection of pre-made salad recipes that users can choose from. Or you can make your own. And the machine even tells you how many calories are added with each additional ingredient.

Aside from just making the process of creating a salad easier, Sally can also make it more hygienic, since there’s less chance for contamination from human contact. As a result, Chowbotics has seen a lot of interest from hospitals, offices, cafeterias and other businesses.

And of course, there’s the chance that this technology could help cafeterias and other business automate a process that was once performed by humans. This could potentially have a negative impact on jobs in the short term. But as minimum wage requirements may hit some small businesses harder than others, automation does offer some more options for businesses without the financial flexibility of large chains.

Image: YouTube

This article, “Will This Robot Be Providing Salads for Your Employees?” was first published on Small Business Trends


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