How to Grab Attention in Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Font Business Cartoon

I’m a collector. I have a nice library of cartoon books, I have shelves full of superhero statues and literally two walls of my office are covered in hundreds of LEGO minifigs. I accumulate stuff.

But as fun as it is, it’s also sort of a requirement of the job. In addition to toys and such, I also collect words and phrases and idioms.

I hear something on the radio and I tuck it away in my brain. I read something in the newspaper and it gets filed. Something comes up in conversation and, well, you get the idea.

Often I can tell you where and how something pops for me but, in this case, the term “writ large” just fell out of a drawer in my gray matter or something. I happened across it, picked it up, and this cartoon presented itself.

And the best part about this particular collection? I don’t have to justify it to my wife.

This article, “How to Grab Attention in Your Next Email Marketing Campaign” was first published on Small Business Trends


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