Synup Offers Alternative to Yext for Small Businesses with Multiple Listings Online

Synup Local Marketing Software Offers Alternative to Yext for Small Businesses with Multiple Listings Online

Synup is a local business citation management platform that manages and boosts local SEO efforts for agencies, enterprises and small businesses with multiple locations.

What is a Business Citation?

Citations simply refers to your business name and address mention on other webpages. An example is an online yellow pages directory, Google Maps, Apple Siri and so on.

What Does Synup do?

Synup provides you with a platform to manage your own listings or citations with ease. The platform syncs all your business information from across the web and puts it in one place where you can easily manage them.

You no longer have to manually update each online citation directory as Synup automatically takes care of this. The tool automatically adds your business to all the large local search directories.

Benefits of Using Synup Local Marketing Software

First of all, the platform provides you with instant submission to more than 45 local search directories as well as live listings. The central dashboard is designed to make it easy to edit and update your business details across directories.

The platform also has an automated claim wizard that allows you to easily claim your listings across directories and also allows you to easily monitor the progress of your business verification.

Synup also provides you with instant updates to all changes. This obviously removes the hassle of having to manually make changes to each directory every time you make a change in your business.

Moreover, there are times when you may find two different listings of your business on one website. Synup, however, solves this problem as it selects the most accurate listing so you can remove the ones that may be harming your business.

Other Synup benefits include:

  • 24/7 Customer Service and Support
  • Multi Location Management
  • Embeddable Widgets

Synup Pricing

The company’s pricing is pretty simple and straightforward. The service costs $30 per location per month. The price reduces as your volume increases.

Synup Local Marketing Software Offers Alternative to Yext for Small Businesses with Multiple Listings Online

Yext Vs. Synup

Synup and Yext offer pretty much the same service. However, with Yext there is the downside that all the citations the platforms syncs for you across the web disappear as soon as you unsubscribe from the service. Synup’s data, on the other hand, is permanent.

Another major difference is in the two companies’ pricing models. Yext bills its customers on an annual basis, with its cheapest plan being $199 per year while Synup charges, as stated earlier, by location with a decrease in cost as the number of your locations increases. So the choice may depend on the number of locations you have and the level of service you need.

Images: Synup

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