Dont Be Afraid to Get Creative with that Compensation Package

Pokemon Business Cartoon

One of the reasons I’m not a political cartoonist is that topical cartoons have a pretty short shelf life. You can sell them for maybe a week if nothing else hijacks the news cycle.

My kind of cartoon, though, is more evergreen. A cartoon about a kid having trouble at school could potentially sell over and over for years and years.

Sometimes though, some phenomenon presents itself and it’s so big and so popular that I feel like I should address it. Pokemon Go was one of those.

The thing is, I’m not a trendy guy, so I had to do my research. For this one, I spent most of an afternoon figuring out what Pokemon Go was, how it worked, and how to talk about it correctly.

Now, some time later, that fad seems to have cooled significantly and I have this little cartoon that’s probably not going to ever sell again. And I look at it and wonder if it was something I should’ve dedicated that time to. It’s a good reminder to stick to more general themes.

This article, “Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative with that Compensation Package” was first published on Small Business Trends


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