This Scientific Breakthrough Could Impact Your Business (Watch)

Air pollution is a growing concern in many metropolitan areas around the world. But while some are working to curb the amount of pollution that gets released into the air going forward, people are already dying due to the current levels.

In fact, around 3 million deaths a year are linked to outdoor air pollution. So some scientists are now working on ways to fight the health effects of air pollution on those who regularly breathe it in.

A new study might have part of the solution. Researchers in Toronto found that B vitamins could help to offset some of the negative health effects that come from breathing in fine particulate matter. So it could potentially help people avoid things like sinus infections and heart disease due to breathing polluted air.

It’s not a perfect solution yet. Researchers acknowledged that their study only used a small sample size and didn’t identify an actual amount of vitamins that would be necessary to offset pollution symptoms. But it’s a start.

And for businesses, this new area of study could potentially lead to some opportunities. Air pollution is a concern in some areas. So companies that sell supplements or other products that have B vitamins could potentially have built-in markets for those products if this hypothesis is upheld.

Keep On Top of New Product Opportunities

Research like this can often lead to new opportunities or angles for businesses. But you have to stay on top of all relevant updates in order to jump on any new product opportunities that stem from breakthroughs or trends right away.

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